My Name is Setsuna Okumura. (which is my artist name for myself and my deviantArt page) I am 22 years old and I am dating the most amazing man in the world Jordan Bradley Phillips and I have a dauchshund named Stella and we have our sweet little orange kitty Oscar.

I am a bit nerdy. I love Anime, Doctor Who and Video Games. My Favorite fandoms are as followed:
-The Big Four
-Doctor Who
-The Walking Dead
- Supernatural
-Harry Potter
-Percy Jackson
My all time favorite Anime is Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.
My favorite game franchise is The Legend of Zelda, Link is my crush.
My boyfriend and I love Doctor Who; I have dubbed him my official Doctor.

My current favorite band is The 1975. My favorite song is Chocolate.
But I am in love with Justin Bieber (despite all his bad behavior)

I own an Xbox 360. My gamertag is MurderfaceZombi. So add my on XboxLive if you want.

I am currently the P.O. for my facebook unofficial Gelbooru page. I also have a Gelbooru tumblr blog. So if you like Gelbooru.com you should check out my pages. :)

I plan on posting some of my favorite better art pieces here on my tumblr but mainly i will post things that I like or relate to how I feel. I also manage several other blogs that you can link to
-The Pin-Up Lyfe
-Anime Forever

if you like my blog/s you can add me on my Facebook and be sure to watch me on deviantARt

kthnxbai! :3
"The Happy Accident Princess"
source: http://damienyukii.deviantart.com/

source: http://damienyukii.deviantart.com/