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My Name is Setsuna Okumura. (which is my artist name for myself and my deviantArt page) I am 22 years old and I am going to marry the most amazing man in the world, Jordan Bradley Phillips.
I have a dauchshund named Stella and we have our sweet little orange kitty Oscar.

I am a bit nerdy. I'm a Stormcloak,Erudite,Slytherin of House Baratheon. I love Anime, Doctor Who and Video Games. My Favorite fandoms are as followed:
-Sailor Moon
-The Big Four
-Doctor Who
-The Walking Dead
-Harry Potter
-Percy Jackson
My all time favorite Anime is Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.
My favorite game franchise is The Legend of Zelda, Link is my crush. I'm addicted to Skyrim.
My boyfriend and I love Doctor Who; I have dubbed him my official Doctor.
I am also part of the "dere-dere" types and my type happens to be Yandere.

My current favorite bands are The 1975 & CHVRCHES.
But I am in love with Justin Bieber (despite all his bad behavior)

if you want to check out my art Watch me on deviantart!

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Disney princesses meeting their princes for the first time.

it progressively gets more awkward each movie

ping das gay


hi good morning touch me inappropriately 


this was so beautiful!


this was so beautiful!